Just Eat is hungry for more

Just Eat has an insatiable appetite, that’s for sure – they’ve come back to AdGates for seconds. Following a highly successful campaign in 2014, July 2015 saw Havas Media book 8x London termini stations (343 AdGates) and 1 busy London commuter station.

The placement was key; concourse side at termini to introduce the idea (and get stomachs rumbling) and trackside to help strengthen resolve for that bargain bucket when they get home.

We decided to delve a little deeper into the campaign’s performance, so we commissioned independent research to find out more. They dutifully spoke to 153 famished commuters at East Croydon station about what they thought of the advertising:

  • 41% remembered seeing Just Eat branded advertising at the station without prompting.
  • 67% attributed Just Eat to their AdGates placement.
  • 57% positively commented on the AdGate advertising
  • 61% of respondents will do a positive action after seeing the Just Eat AdGate campaign.

Couple that with the fact that 85% of all respondents own a smart phone, it’s not hard to imagine large numbers of commuters were weighing up the pros and cons of a crafty midweek Chinese, instead of being disappointed on missing out on their usual window seat.

It is purely coincidental that Wrigley chose AdGates to launch the newest flavour of Airwaves. Yup, no correlation between a mutton madras on a school night, and an AdGate campaign based on proximity to retailers stocking the gum. None at all.


Standing room only

The Department for Transport recently released a rather dubious top 10, where nobody wants to come top of the charts. It’s a list of the most crowded trains in England, Scotland and Wales in 2014.

Coming top was the 04:22 Glasgow Central to Manchester Airport, that saw 355 people crammed into a train designed for 191. Phew! Second was the 16:00 Manchester Airport to Edinburgh. Surprisingly no London stations figure. Yet…

  1. 04:22 Glasgow Central to Manchester Airport
  2. 16:00 Manchester Airport to Edinburgh
  3. 06:31 Reading to London Paddington
  4. 07:57 London Heathrow to London Paddington
  5. 07:02 Reading to London Paddington
  6. 06:35 Caterham to Victoria
  7. 07:24 Brighton to Bedford
  8. 18:00 Manchester Airport to Edinburgh
  9. 07:32 Woking to London Waterloo
  10. 07:02 Woking to London Waterloo

Source: Department for Transport

A track side placement on AdGates at one of the London termini would be the perfect place to catch the eye of these fatigued and famished early morning commuters.

Paddington delivers 5,437,824* impacts in a 2 week period, whereas Victoria brings in 12,350,150*, but the one to get the most hangry and vulnerable commuters is at Waterloo. 20,247,808* impacts can be yours for a two week track side tenure. That’s some good news at least.

Easier ways to Shell out for fuel

After a few years of testing, the Shell Fill Up & Go mobile phone payment system is finally live. In conjunction with the ever industrious PayPal, customers can download an app, key in how much they want to spend on fuel in advance, and then they’re good to go.

It’s a clever bit of kit for a number of reasons. The most immediate advantage is that you’ll no longer have to pay that much attention to how much you’ll end up spending, as you’ve already set your own spending limit. Conversely, it’s removed the fun of trying to get the numbers dead on (if that’s your thing).

It’s been an interesting development for T4media, as it strengthens our resolve that AdNozzles are the best possible way to reach motorists. If the app proves to be popular and Shell’s competitors follow suit, it will be the 21st century version of pay at pump, accelerating the industry average of 1 in 3 fuel buyers who don’t enter the shop.

From the concourse to the departure gate

With the weather becoming autumnal overnight, from balmy late September days to rain-sodden October journeys, most commuters will be thinking “Anywhere but here!”

AdGate advertising is one step away from the departure gate for many commuters as a growing number of airlines and tourism boards utilise tactical out of home placements to engage with commuters.

We were delighted to welcome American Airlines on board to our AdGates at Paddington. Intrepid travellers from Wales and the West Country, as well as affluent Oxfordians and Clapham commoners enjoyed a visual connection with their campaign imagery 3,763,472* times, which outperforms other concourse placements at Paddington by anything up to 172%*.

Emirates has used AdGates as their runway a number of times recently. It would appear that Victoria Station was one of their favourite destinations, delivering a combined total of 19,842,530* impacts over a 2 week period. Regular creative updates ensured the forecast was always bright at Victoria.


Germanwings utilised AdGate placements at Liverpool Street to showcase how inexpensive it is to get to Germany. As a result, many commuters celebrated Oktoberfest properly, rather than morosely supping a Pilsner down the local. Just be careful: 476,177* Liverpool Street users might beat you to the bar!


Finally Go Turkey brought a welcome dose of sunshine and scenery to commuters at Waterloo. What was especially clever about this campaign was the use of different creatives to really highlight what this stunning country has to offer. 701,531* potential holidaymakers would almost certainly agree.


* All data has been checked in by Route in September 2015.

Martin Ives, Marketing Manager at T4media