Bigger isn’t always better

We’re firm believers that AdGates are the most engaging way to target rail commuters. AdGates aren’t the biggest, but they are truly unmissable advertising, as people literally have to pass through the middle of your messaging.

When Route data for the largest location for out-of-home advertising in the rail environment, Motion, became readily available, we were cautiously optimistic that our impacts and reach would measure up against our larger competition. As it turns out, AdGates tower above Motion in every conceivable way.

Waterloo is rightly viewed as the jewel of the termini crown, boasting 98 million entries/exits annually, according to the Office of Rail Regulation. A straight like-for-like comparison on Route for a 2 week placement of all concourse side AdGates verses a fortnight on Motion delivers an astounding 502% more impacts (90,152,170 vs 14,968,320) and 215% greater frequency (33.21 vs 10.54).

London Liverpool Street fares even better with 288% more impacts (17,185,800 vs 4,427,387) and 250% greater frequency (36.27 vs 9.48).

With Victoria Motion set to enter the fray imminently, be sure to check back with us to see how our 19,842,530 impacts and 35.26 frequency compare.

Hooked on Fish ‘n’ Chips

As a child of the 80s, I was absolutely delighted that Burton’s Biscuit Company decided to relaunch Fish ‘n’ Chips in 2014. They were an integral part of the holy trinity of ‘treat eats’ growing up (along with Cadbury’s Animal biscuits and Capri Sun).

The youth of today will surely build their own nostalgic memories of Burton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips, but the more mature diner will instantly recognise the iconic mock newspaper packaging. According to Kantar Media’s TGI data, 80% of motorists are over the age of 24, so it makes perfect sense that Burton’s chose AdNozzles to act as bait in the out-of-home environment.

The lure however was the clever tactical placement of the campaign. AdNozzle advertising is perfect for food and drink campaigns, as you’re feet away from being able to make your purchase in the petrol station shop.

Burton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips managed to be the only fish in the pond by being the only advertiser on the fuel pumps; making the motorist think of a much more palatable smell like salt & vinegar than petrol.

With a total of 382 locations (and 6,112 AdNozzles) over a four week period, it’s fair to say a number of Britain’s motorists fell hook, line and sinker for Burton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips’ AdNozzle advertising.


Deliveroo campaign delivers in Guildford

There’s a lot to be said for living in the sticks – better quality of life, cheap pints and the ability to wear tweed without being labelled a hipster. The only downside is that you’re miles away from civilisation.

Even if you’re a city slicker, you can still miss out on some quality eats. Historically, if you couldn’t make it out of the office for lunch or was simply too lazy to get dressed for dinner, you’d go hungry. Like an angel of mercy on a moped, Deliveroo have changed the way we consume restaurant food.

Fancy something fancier than a large doner with extra chilli sauce? No problem, Deliveroo will go to the nicer parts of town to bring restaurant-quality food to your door instead. The residents of Guildford must be counting their lucky stars that the Deliveroo service has now extended to Surrey.

Understandably, the famished long-haul commuter is going to be the ideal target audience for Deliveroo. That’s why a trackside AdGate placement was a key part of the Deliveroo launch strategy in Guildford. With over 300,000 (306,195 to be precise) potential customers using the station every fortnight, it’s a cost-effective way of getting the message out with unmissable visual impacts.

Picking AdGates for a new launch is a lot easier than choosing what to have for dinner for many Guilfordians – do you have the rump from Cau or a Taxidriver from Gourmet Burger Kitchen?

Advertising that cures

Did you know all adults who have visited a chemist in the last 3 months have seen AdGate advertising over 72 million times across all London termini?***

It doesn’t take a doctor to diagnose why Salus Floradix advertised across 402 AdGates at 18 different train stations. Not only do millions of commuters see the AdGate advertising, 1.6 million also visit Boots The Chemist.

Salus Floradix was able to tactically place its AdGate campaign within sneezing distance of vendors of its products such as Boots The Chemist, so commuters only had to stagger a few feet to make their purchase.

Boots The Chemist isn’t the only chemist which produces high impact and reach figures. The table below showcases the numbers of commuters who engage with AdGates every two weeks across all London termini and have visited popular chemists in the last 3 months.


If you want to connect with commuters using tailored advertising, call Mark on 020 7233 9777 and make sure you are the first name on people’s minds when they feel the first signs of illness.


***All figures are based on total impacts from all termini, concourse side, every two weeks, taken from Route October 2015.