Creative Ideas

When it comes to creating artwork for any of these unique advertising formats, there are a few pointers that will help you get the very best results. We have listed some guidelines below that we hope you will find useful, but if you have any questions, please do contact us.

You may also find it interesting to see how some of our clients have used the creative space on each of our products to best effect. Go to our Gallery.
The most successful creative artwork will make use of the following:

    • Strong branding
    • Bold colours
    • Avoid too much text, or intricate detail – keep images and logos simple
    • Creative that relates to the environment e.g. BMW’s ‘Better stock up on sweets’ on AdDoors, or the Cadbury’s creative on AdGates, ‘Our gate is the best’.


To get the most from your creative in this environment, imagine that you are a commuter on the way to catch your train at Waterloo. You make it through the jostling crowds and approach the ticket gates. This is the one time in your journey when you are guaranteed to pause, to insert your ticket or swipe your Oyster card and walk through the gates.


As with AdGates, AdBarriers cause you to pause in your tracks as you take your car park ticket and sit there waiting for the ticket barrier to rise. What a great opportunity to put a brand right in the path of thousands of motorists every time they enter or leave the car park.


Fuel nozzles are a truly unique place to advertise, as they allow you to capture the attention of every motorist for an average of 52 seconds whilst they are filling up. Fuel buyers actually have to hold your message in their hand, making this advertising format stand out from any other.


The shop door becomes your advert with AdDoor advertising. Customers have to walk through it to enter the shop and pay for their fuel, or purchase convenience items.


Download our Artwork Specifications here: AdGates AdBarriers AdNozzles AdDoors