AdNozzles appear on of the homepage of the Sun newspaper

In just three short hours, 112,000 people signed the diesel scrappage scheme, a petition towards compensation for the diesel motorists who are being fined by the government. UK motorists were once offered carbon tax breaks if they brought diesel cars, only for the offer to be overturned and become subject to fines for driving in major cities.

During with the increasing awareness of the diesel scrappage scheme, T4’s AdNozzles made a guest appearance on the Sun’s homepage today. The debate is sure to grow, with AdNozzles nationwide receiving a significant amount of coverage. Thus firmly becoming ever present in motorist’s subconscious.

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Morrisons promotes new delivery service with AdGates

The long anticipated launch of the Morrisons home delivery service has finally arrived and T4 has been selected as a lead media to shout about it.  AdGates have been chosen as part of the Outdoor launch campaign for their superb targeting capabilities at 16 key rail stations in London that fall within the delivery catchment area of the Morrisonsdelivery service. With AdGates, Morrisons are able to speak to commuters on a daily basis to tell them about the new service that is ‘Now delivering… from just £1’.

The vibrant artworks make a clever play on specific areas of London, and feature images such as a jar of piccalilli followed by the word ‘CIRCUS’, ensuring that the advertising really stands out from the crowd in a creative and fun way.

Kelly Graham, Account Manager, Kinetic commented:

‘Audience insight tells us that Londoners are most likely to think about grocery shopping during their daily commute, so AdGates were a key format for us to engage with consumers, targeting areas in which the service delivers to. We have previously used AdGates for store openings, so it was a natural choice to plan them in for this exciting new venture.’

Greg Anyon, CEO, T4media confirmed:

‘It’s fantastic to see the development from directional targeting with new store openings to a broader awareness campaign for home delivery. AdGates are ideal for targeting busy commuters and we are delighted that Morrisons has selected them once again to promote its exciting new launch.’

JUST EAT encourages rail commuters to ‘grab the app’ with AdGates

JUST EAT wanted to target busy commuters travelling home in the evening and so AdGates were selected as the solus format for its recent outdoor campaign. The UK’s leading online takeaway service was able to promote its mobile apps prior to commuters boarding their trains, when they would have time to download and explore the content. JUST EAT showcased strong branding with its vibrant and unmissable creative that ran at all 11 London termini and 86 commuter stations within London. The strategy was to target commuters on their way home, firstly at the point of departure on concourse side AdGates and then reiterate the message as they arrived at their destination railway station.



“The termini AdGates enabled us to encourage commuters to ‘grab the app’ when they had down-time on the train and then reinforce the message for that evening on trackside at their destination. We chose AdGates as they allowed us to effectively ‘own’ the commuter journey through two key points and prompt immediate action.”

Leah Knighton, Just Eat –  Senior Marketing Manager