Velociraptors break loose at Waterloo Station! Will the AdGates hold them back?

Waterloo is under attack from four young Velociraptors after they were brought in to promote the opening of the world’s first ever dinosaur theme park.

Now the only thing between the Raptors and the train tracks out of London are T4’s AdGates. Jurassic World selected the 162 AdGates to display safety advice and park promotions, as they are notoriously hard not to miss. Hopefully they will go some way in keeping these clever dinosaurs under control.


Simon Pegg and Lake Bell meet awkwardly next to our AdGates

One thing people love about British films is spotting filming locations they know and see everyday. We’ve seen Richard Curtis’s romanticised version of South Bank to 28 Days Later’s nightmare vision of zombie infested London streets. Now viewers won’t be disappointed with the opening of new British film, “Man Up” with Simon Pegg and Lake Bell. Man Up was shot entirely on location with the exception of the bathroom scenes (we’re sure they had their reasons) and a key setting was Waterloo. Pegg’s character Jack waits next to T4’s AdGates in the station where he mistakes Bell’s Nancy for his blind date.

Nowhere sets the scene for romance better than our AdGates!

So for all those Waterloo commuters, take a look at the trailer and see if you can’t make yourself out in the crowds, awkwardly trying to avoid a camera crew!