t4Media Summer ’18 Highlights

We’ve had a great time this summer, not least because of the wonderful range of brands that chose AdGates and AdNozzles for their summertime campaigns. Here’s a little insight into a few of them to keep you in the know…

Thirsty commuters were quenched with Coca Cola’s Fuze Tea and Lucozade’s sponsorship of Love Island.  BMW PGA dominated AdGates at Waterloo for BMW’s sponsorship of the European PGA tournament.

Wrigley’s reminded us to take responsibility with a ‘bin it your way’ message across AdGates. Deliveroo communicated new delivery areas, MyTaxi launched their new service to commuters in Reading and MDNA supported the Farnborough International Airshow.

AdNozzles kept up the momentum as Trade Centre UK dominated the Wales and Central regions, Gofindmycar.com took on the Motorways, Smooth Radio promoted its breakfast show and Amex ran a national burst with some great results!

If you’d like to see our research results, fancy taking a closer look at any of the campaigns we’ve mentioned, or have a client that could benefit from the targeted reach of AdNozzles or AdGates this Autumn, get in touch using our contact form.

The new dream team? PayPal and Shell join forces for mobile payments at the pump

Good news for those of us to who like to drive to the petrol station make-up free: we no longer have to go inside the shop to pay! Come April 1st, we will be able to pay directly on our smartphone when filling up at Shell petrol stations. This new modern and innovative payment method is the result of the new partnership between PayPal and Shell.

To get ready for the new convenient payment system just download and install the PayPal or Shell motorist app on your phone. Once installed, select the station and pump you’ve parked at, fill up and drive off. Your card is automatically charged for the fuel and you no longer have to face any queues or leave any crying kids inside the car (however tempting).

“At PayPal, we’ve always believed people will use their mobile phones to pay if there’s a clear benefit,”said PayPal UK mobile commerce director Rob Harper.

“With today’s announcement, we’re offering drivers a faster way to fill up their car and pay, and get back on the road.”

Shell will begin rolling out a pilot of the service for invited Shell Drivers’ Club members from April, with plans to expand mobile payments nationwide later this year.

Shell UK retail marketing manager Michael Hominick said the deal would offer “security, choice and convenience” for drivers.

All hail the future and to never having to check your make-up again!

Direct Line takes the direct approach

Whether you’re an electrician, florist or a decorator – the humble van is the foundation of your business.

Insurance company, Direct Line, understands the importance of cover. A small business without a van could find their business taking a serious dent.

Direct Line capitalised on this need using AdNozzles to raise awareness by advertising across 688 targeted forecourts on both roadside and supermarket with its creative AdNozzle campaign. Direct Line selected forecourts to target small businesses within the local area ensuring maximum exposure.

Direct Line isn’t the only insurance company that used AdNozzles to speak directly to a 100% motorist audience. AXA SME Insurance achieved great success with its fuel pump advertising. According to independent research 73% of drivers recalled seeing the AdNozzle campaign.

Direct Line weren’t cutting corners when it came to it’s advertising. Their direct approach ensured that hundreds of thousands of motorists all know commercial van insurance is now available.

To find out more about AdNozzles, give one of our Agency team a call on 020 7233 9777 to find forecourts in local your area.

Inside the mouths of commuters

If you are one of the millions of people that commute to work every morning, breakfast likely consists of a bacon buttie or a black coffee on the station platform. With our taste buds coming into contact with so many different flavours in the morning  – we could all do with a freshness infusion before we get to work.

That’s why AdGates were at the heart of the launch campaign for the new Airwaves Extreme flavour. The Airwaves chewing gum messaging appeared across 10 London termini stations with 586 AdGates and 2 London commuter stations with 42 AdGates.

Wrigley used the trackside AdGate advertising within close proximity to vendors of its products such as WH Smith and Whistlestop. The tactical placement of the advertising was paramount to the success of Wrigley campaign, with commuters coming face to face with the AdGates as they departed the train.

For a greater understanding of the campaign’s performance, an independent study was commissioned to give us some in-depth figures to chew over. 179 commuters, hopefully with fresh breath, were surveyed at East Croydon Station.

The study told us:

  • 77% combined recall of the Wrigley AdGates
  • 66% attributed Airwaves Extreme advertising to AdGates
  • 48% of respondents currently buy Wrigley’s products at least once a week
  • 20% of respondents will buy Wrigley’s chewing gum after seeing the AdGates

Combine those statistics with the fascinating Route statistic that 1,009,646 commuters are influenced to buy products that they’ve seen advertised on AdGates, and we’re sure you’ll agree that the Airwave campaign was a tactical breath of fresh air.


British Airways land at Clapham

It’s fair to say summer’s truly over as commuters are sucked back into the joys of work. Mornings are cold and by home time darkness has already begun to descend. They’re left longing for summer and British Airways is capitalising on the holiday blues with its latest AdGate campaign.

BA’s slogan is ‘To fly. To serve’ and its AdGate campaign will serve up a staggering 5,667,872* impacts within just two weeks. BA selected Clapham for its AdGate campaign as it’s one of the busiest commuter stations in the UK.

Travelling to work, commuters will see BA’s AdGates and wish they were catching a plane rather than the train to work. On the way home, they will see the AdGates again resulting in multiple impressions being made. BA decided to advertise on both concourse and trackside to dominate the station, making sure it’s at the forefront of each commuter’s mind.

For your next advertising adventure look no further than AdGates. Give us a call to find out how AdGates can take any brand’s sales sky high.

Delivering impacts (and dinner!)

What’s better than having your dinner cooked for you after a long day of hard graft? It being delivered straight to your door! Whether it’s sushi in Southampton, puttanesca in Portsmouth or bubble tea to quench your thirst in Bristol, Deliveroo has you covered.

Deliveroo have just begun a campaign spanning over 8 stations including various locations in Birmingham, Brighton and Milton Keynes (as well as the three I mentioned above), with a total of 75 AdGates that will deliver a mouth-watering 5,656,897 impacts.

With trackside placements, Deliveroo will reach busy urbanites who crave restaurant quality-food in the comfort of their own home. This is a great example of astute AdGate placement, as Deliveroo are reaching homeward bound commuters when they are most receptive to their messaging and are increasingly likely to act upon it.

So if you want to find out how AdGates can deliver customers straight to your door, give us a call.