My cup runneth over

Who doesn’t like chocolate? As winter draws in, thousands will curl up on the sofa, reach for their favourite box of chocolates and wish they were still moaning about the heat of summer.

Hershey’s recently ran an AdGate campaign at Clapham station. With the trackside placement, peckish commuters will be tempted to indulge in a sweet treat to complement their packed lunch with a pack of Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Whereas, the concourse side placement reinforces the message that Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups are the perfect portable snack for the ravenous homeward bound traveller to tuck into on the train.

The striking creative and proximity to confectionary vendors is a fantastic example of a well-executed AdGateplacement, which was specifically chosen to capitalise on the increased footfall the South West Four festival brought over the August bank holiday weekend.

You look like you’ve seen a ghost

There’s certainly something strange in the neighbourhood if your ‘hood is Waterloo – to celebrate the launch of the scarily funny reimagining of Ghostbusters, Waterloo station became an epicentre of supernatural activity overnight.

Before Stay Puft exploded through the floor of the station, and slime started trickling down the CCTV cameras, AdGates had already welcomed 350,766* lost souls into the station in the week preceding the arrival of the big marshmallow monster. That’s 10,233,328* confirmed sightings of paranormal activity per week.

According to this Screen Daily article, Ghostbusters had an opening weekend of £4.4m, which just goes to show that a lot of people ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Yahoo Movies UK shot this excellent footage of Waterloo in all its wraithlike glory.

To find out how AdGates can strike fear in the heart of every other kind of out-of-home format in the rail environment – who you gonna call? Us hopefully!

* All data is based on London Waterloo, concourse side, for one week, impact figures taken from Route July 2016.

Epic Route statistics

You may have already sat through a few heart-pounding blockbusters this year, but nothing compares to our latest video. Be warned, viewer discretion is advised.

Get ready for an exhilarating undercover look at the figures behind the UK’s biggest rail formats.  Be warned, your jaw may hit the floor when you see the latest Route data.

Contact Mark Anderson on 020 7633 2859 to find out more about the true power of AdGate advertising and let’s make your next campaign epic!

* All data is based on London termini, concourse side, every two weeks, impact figures taken from Route May 2016.

House of Fraser is looking good!

Much in the same way that we’re giving our autumn/winter wardrobe a spruce-up, House of Fraser’s Victoria branch has recently undergone a cosmetic makeover. Keen to let locals know that the iconic British brand has re-opened for business, House of Fraser’s media agency, Goodstuff, chose AdGates to herald the stylish return of the store.

Leveraging the close proximity to the shop plus the high impact numbers a fortnight-long AdGate campaign would yield (20,385,470*) are just a couple of the reasons why Goodstuff’s planning team included AdGates on their schedule. Roy Shepherd at Goodstuff added “It’s great to feature AdGates as part of our OOH solution for House of Fraser, we’re always looking for opportunities that deliver standout and audience efficiency, and even better when it’s right outside the store!”


Closer scrutiny of Route data uncovers even more compelling reasons to use AdGates for the campaign. Over half of the aforementioned impacts are to people who frequently visit department stores (13,756,940*), and around a quarter of the total impacts at Victoria station hit self-confessed shopaholics, otherwise known as those that admit they spend a lot on clothes (4,702,958*). And alas, some are also terrible at saving money (3,881,609*), but that’s what credit cards are for right?

The core House of Fraser patron hasn’t been forgotten by this two week AdGate tenure either, generating 4,368,474 impacts with punters that have visited House of Fraser in the last 12 months.


*All data based on Victoria for two weeks – AdGate impacts based on concourse side placement only – data taken from Route November 2016.

How to make a scene in Waterloo Station

We thought it was about time we made a video which highlights the everyday struggle of getting noticed, especially in the world of out-of-home advertising.

If you’re looking for a truly unmissable way to get consumers engaging with your client, click on the video below and see what caused us to receive some very strange looks at Waterloo Station.


Nissan pulls in front with AdNozzles

In February, Nissan booked a third national AdNozzle campaign in quick succession for 200 of their dealerships across 395 petrol forecourts. Previous independent research proved the effectiveness of AdNozzles, with 75% of drivers surveyed recalling seeing Nissan AdNozzles on the forecourt.

This ensured they dominated the local area, and delivered an astonishing 88 million impacts in just one month. Hardly surprising really that Nissan used AdNozzles, as motorists are their target audience – but according to Kantar’s TGI, there are even more reasons to book:

  •  33% of car owners who say they will purchase their new car at a dealer or garage have seen an AdNozzle in the last week
  •  25% of car owners who say they will purchase their new car at a dealer or garage have seen an AdNozzle in the last week
  • 31% of car owners who say they will purchase their new car at a dealer or garage have seen an AdNozzle in the last week

Follow in the slipstream of Nissan and drive motorists from local petrol stations to a local branch of a national brand. Contact me now on 020 7233 9777 and engage thousands of motorists with your next AdNozzle campaign.